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  • Farden

    We Recruited a new Recruitment Manager to Recruit our new Recruits!

    By Farden

    Another day, another well deserved promotion! From today, we have officially promoted @PilgrimsCheese to the rank of EU Recruitment Manager. 
    Today also happens to mark @PilgrimsCheese's 1000 day anniversary of him joining Arc Security! As is evidenced by this milestone, he's been with us for a long time (almost since the start) and has been a valued member since day 1. He approached us following @jOKes departure from the position as he was looking to put something back into the organisation by spearheading the search for new talent and we could think of no one better. He's approachable, happy to talk to anyone and most importantly, pretty much always on his computer so who better! We're in the process of sorting out our recruitment strategy with him but as we see more content get released, expect the recruitment to kick up a few gears! Farden

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