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Arc Industries?

We're announcing our change of organization title and focus to Arc Industries, while carrying forward the two pillars of our community; the Support Fleet and Security Fleet will make up the backbone of the organization, populated by our core members via submitted interest to in-game mechanics/career paths.

Our Security Fleet-[Internal title] = Arc Security-[External title]. Arc Security will remain an external, professional service for individuals, groups, organizations, alliances and close affiliates to hire. It will be made up in part from our very best internal Security Fleet pilots, who will continue to perform internal security services for Arc Industries as well as provide this for our more dedicated Support Fleet and internal operations. 

[Website and domain changes to come, nothing drastic, just more informative!]

The future prospects of Arc Industries gameplay will aim have a heavy economic background, to which the official logistics will be maintained by the our more flexible Support Fleet, who will also now be able to branch into gameplay types such as exploration, salvage, mining and much more, with an aim to accommodate day to day gaming in the verse. Our community are really excited for the future of Arc Industries capabilities within Star Citizen.

Read our full public announcement here: 

Looking to join us? Log onto our Discord or check us out on RSI for more information



What is Star Citizen?

Arc Security started on the 20th May 2013, we were there at the beginning and we aim to see this through, join us, we're very well established, looking to grow and improve.

Our members have most likely been asked this a lot over the holiday season, we're glad CIG finally put out a more up to date video, showcasing the game as a whole and it's current state. If you're new to Star Citizen, Arc Security is an organization, one of thousands that aim to go on to great things within the Persistent Universe. Be it for business, setting up their own sovereignty or waging wars against one another. 



We're wrapping up for the Christmas Holidays here at Arc Security. While some of us will be off seeing family and friends, most of us will take this time off work to game, expect to see lots of 2.6 content. Tonight we ran a member based giveaway, which went really well! Congratz to the winners, enjoy your prizes. We're also amazed by this short clip showing the scale of some of Star Citizens ships, more videos in this format please!



New Capital Ship video

Here at Arc Security we really enjoyed the further insight and 'featuring' of the larger ships in the verse. The attention to detail is sending our Engineers mad with speculation and future prospects. 



Less patching more gaming

Arc Security as an org are really looking forward to the upcoming low-patch sizes of Star Citizen. Not only is this a great thing for the community of the game but also in getting the rest of our members waking up on Port Olisar, then taking part in org events, screenshots and gameplay capture for youtube.



New Forum/HUB


We're happy to finally launch our new forum/HUB to members, affiliates and the Star Citizen community. It's been a long haul getting all the moving parts working, layout, structure etc. We're finally here, a home to last us through into the PU of Star Citizen. Currently account are limited to members of Arc Security, while guests and affiliates can sign up, your accounts will be approved at a later date. Here's a short break down of what's on this site:

  • News Section - Public + Internal. For main announcements and news we wish to publish to the community.
  • Forums - Full detailed forum system to build upon our community and Fleets.
  • Calendars - A selection of specific calendars where members can sign up to events, operations and even sync them to your mobile, never miss an event!
  • Files + Resources - An official Arc Security, File Distribution system. Containing Probation, Training + Advanced modules. Along with management files and resources.
  • Gallery - Available to the public to view and for members to showcase their screenshots, official org screenshots and a collection of concept art.
  • + more to come. (Official org store...)

Explore the HUB, we're open too your feedback + stay tuned for upcoming giveaways and events.


- Staff and Officer team


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