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Arc Industries?



We're announcing our change of organization title and focus to Arc Industries, while carrying forward the two pillars of our community; the Support Fleet and Security Fleet will make up the backbone of the organization, populated by our core members via submitted interest to in-game mechanics/career paths.

Our Security Fleet-[Internal title] = Arc Security-[External title]. Arc Security will remain an external, professional service for individuals, groups, organizations, alliances and close affiliates to hire. It will be made up in part from our very best internal Security Fleet pilots, who will continue to perform internal security services for Arc Industries as well as provide this for our more dedicated Support Fleet and internal operations. 

[Website and domain changes to come, nothing drastic, just more informative!]

The future prospects of Arc Industries gameplay will aim have a heavy economic background, to which the official logistics will be maintained by the our more flexible Support Fleet, who will also now be able to branch into gameplay types such as exploration, salvage, mining and much more, with an aim to accommodate day to day gaming in the verse. Our community are really excited for the future of Arc Industries capabilities within Star Citizen.

Read our full public announcement here: 

Looking to join us? Log onto our Discord or check us out on RSI for more information


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