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New Forum/HUB

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We're happy to finally launch our new forum/HUB to members, affiliates and the Star Citizen community. It's been a long haul getting all the moving parts working, layout, structure etc. We're finally here, a home to last us through into the PU of Star Citizen. Currently account are limited to members of Arc Security, while guests and affiliates can sign up, your accounts will be approved at a later date. Here's a short break down of what's on this site:

  • News Section - Public + Internal. For main announcements and news we wish to publish to the community.
  • Forums - Full detailed forum system to build upon our community and Fleets.
  • Calendars - A selection of specific calendars where members can sign up to events, operations and even sync them to your mobile, never miss an event!
  • Files + Resources - An official Arc Security, File Distribution system. Containing Probation, Training + Advanced modules. Along with management files and resources.
  • Gallery - Available to the public to view and for members to showcase their screenshots, official org screenshots and a collection of concept art.
  • + more to come. (Official org store...)

Explore the HUB, we're open too your feedback + stay tuned for upcoming giveaways and events.


- Staff and Officer team


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