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This Week in Star Citizen

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Greetings Citizens


First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We returned to offices last week to resume the process of bringing Star Citizen and Squadron 42 to life, with stories of holiday cheer and more than a few personal adventures. With every New Year comes the inevitable resolutions, and this year the Community Team aims to continue improving the content we release to you each and every week.

What this means right off the bat is an evolution of the “Community Manager’s Log and Schedule” that went up at the beginning of the week into a front-page post, “This Week in Star Citizen.” As always, it’ll be a chance to give you some of the highlights to look out for in the week ahead, but we’ll also use it to highlight specific content you may have missed out on in the past, as well as bring a much deserved spotlight to the work our Citizens do to enhance the overall Star Citizen experience.

In addition to the change in our Monday posts, we’ll be pushing the continuing evolution in our video content as we move through 2017, including popular hits like Around the Verse, Bugsmashers and Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as well as debuting some new additions to those stalwarts. We’ll discuss one of those additions farther down below, but be certain you come back here in the coming weeks to find out more.

Each Tuesday, the Lore Team releases another installment in one of their many continuing series. These lore posts have been a tradition since Star Citizen was first announced, and if you haven’t checked out some of the older series, like Cassandra’s Tears, you can find all the previous entries here.

On Wednesdays, we alternate between the death and destruction of bugs everywhere with episodes of our edutainment series, Bugsmashers! and The Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where members of the CIG Lore Team explore the design, story and science of one of Star Citizen’s planetary systems. For this week, it’s Associate Writer Adam Wieser with a story of exploration and expansion with the Ark Starmap as his guide.

If you haven’t seen the Ark Starmap in action, you can check it out for yourself here.

Around the Verse, our flagship weekly program comes to us every Thursday, and this week we return from haitus with more behind-the-scenes goodness. If you’re looking for all the latest development news on Star Citizen, you don’t want to miss out on Around the Verse, every week on our YouTube channel.

That brings us to Friday. The end of the traditional work week, and if you’re anything like me, you like to kick back and relax a bit playing some video games, and that’s just what we’re gonna do, only we’re gonna Star Citizen with YOU. Join Community Managers Jared Huckaby and Tyler Witkin on Happy Hour Friday as they play Star Citizen with the fans LIVE on Twitch with a special guest streamer from the community, and get your chance to win a free Star Citizen game package and ship! But you have to be watching to claim your prize. Tune in at 10am PST, 6pm UTC at twitch.tv/starcitizen and don’t miss out!

With that, I hope we’ll see you on Friday!

Jared Huckaby
“Disco Lando”
Community Manager

The Weekly Community Content Schedule

            Weekly Lore Post   (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch)

            Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy   (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/)

            Around the Verse   (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/)

            Happy Hour Friday @ 10am PST / 6pm UTC   (http://twitch.tv/starcitizen)
            RSI Newsletter

Community Spotlight: January 9th, 2017 – Storytellers


Those of you that have been following the project for awhile might remember the old Community Spotlight program, where we highlight several of our Community Content Creators who bring their own unique additions to the Star Citizen experience. We enjoyed this opportunity to share these with you each and every week, and so one of our New Year’s Resolutions is to bring this fine tradition back included with every This Week in Star Citizen post.

This week’s theme is “Storytellers,” those fan-fiction creations that see to further flesh out the potential Star Citizen universe. From prose to webcomics to video-series, storytelling is at the very heart of the Star Citizen experience, and what we have for you this week is just a small sampling of many of the tremendous creations throughout the years, from the very old, to one that just began yesterday!

So take a look, and don’t forget to check the Community Hub for all the latest contributions and upvote your favorites. You just might see them here in the near future.

Visit the Community Hub

Combined Arms


Under the leadership of Captain Kenny, an Outlaw Coalition seizes control of the planet ArcCorp. UEE Marine and Naval forces must unite in a desperate attempt to prevent innumerable casualties.

The Fleet Arrives is Part I of a three-part film series directed by Terallian, and backed by the immensely talented team, Little Armada.

You can check out his post on the Community Hub here, with additional links so you don’t miss out on future episodes.

The Citizens


“The Citizens” is a brand-new webcomic series dedicated to showing the humorous side of Star Citizen’s universe.

The Citizens is produced entirely by Star Citizen Rurquiza using screenshots captured with our new “Director Mode” recently added in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6, and we suspect, a decent amount of post-production after the fact.

You can follow the continuing adventures of “The Citizens” at http://www.thecitizenscomic.com/



Of course, we can’t forget the Star Citizen webcomic classics, like Hunter, the fan-fiction adventures created by Star Citizen Adrian Nitisor.

Hunter has been in publication since April of 2015, and you can find all issues available for download at http://hunter.thecomic.ninja/

There is also a special video trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEaItVUHxbo

TOG in Space


Finally for this week, we go way, way back into the Storytellers archive for TOG in Space, a work of Star Citizen Fan Fiction that ran on our forums from June 2013 to January 2015.

Created by Star Citizen cmopatrick, the adventures that began on a shipping platform in the Baker System and expanded into a 400+ page PDF document before all was said and done!

If you’re a fan of fan fiction, I’d encourage you to check out one of the most dedicated legacy contributions from our community content creators since this project began.

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