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By Vigil in Public Announcements,
[ARCIN - ARCIND] We're announcing our change of organization title and focus to Arc Industries, while carrying forward the two pillars of our community; the Support Fleet and Security Fleet-[Internal title] - Arc Security-[External title]. Through this new innovative step forward, we can recruit with a much clearer purpose for our community and the gameplay types that are on offer within Star Citizen, as well as benefiting our current members with their chosen Fleet/specialisations, with a far more supported-flexible scope of inter organizational gameplay as well as supported solo gameplay. Arc Security will remain an external, professional service for individuals, groups, organizations alliances and close affiliates to hire. It will also continue to exist as our internal Security Fleet for Arc Industries as well as provide security for our dedicated Support Fleet. Only now we’ll also be able to offer this internal security to our more casual, core members, who’ve yet to specialise in a Fleet, should they require it. Our Support Fleet will no longer carry a limit on its member count, it will now be able to thrive as it should. The Support Fleet will grow to sustain itself and its responsibilities it has for the internal Security Fleet, Arc Security’s public services and now, Arc Industries heavier economic background, to which the official logistics will be maintained by the Support Fleets more dedicated groups. For example: For core Arc Industries members, we’ll now be able to offer two optional specialisation paths; be it into the focused and streamlined Security Fleet, or the now limitless Support Fleet. ‘Optional’ being the keyword, so that members who’re unsure remain as a base member of Arc Industries, continuing to hone their skills and acclimate themselves with the entirety of Arc Industries, building up the reputation of our organization through their gameplay as well as profits and other acquired assets via solo play. Explanation: What are we addressing? Why are we doing this? Selling ‘Arc Security’ is a struggle when showcasing it to the SC Community and even IRL friends/people. Internally we know we offer members more than just Security, however, people cannot gauge this from us externally. It needs to be displayed in a clearer, more obvious form. Recruitment doesn't work in its current form. Appealing to a wider audience of potential members may maintain a more stable community. Discouraging people to go inactive, instead involve themselves with a gaming community that has strong population pools between EU and US timezones. We're losing members plus key staff/officers stepping down or becoming inactive. Our current ‘half company’ - ‘half PMC’ structure is confusing to most and does not make sense from an overview perspective of the organization. Arc Security requires that it have a clear comms structure, currently mixing both ‘company’ ranks and ‘fleet’ ranks is confusing to members and leadership with no clear path. Arc Security will better be able to display its structure through a unique Discord server.  We need a more clearly defined approach to our image and professional services, including what gameplay we do and do not accommodate. We need to be a more approachable organization within Star Citizen. As well as offering more to affiliates and alliances in terms of our industry and engineering services. (Arc Security, could potentially, operate safely as an external factor, while not coming into contact with Arc Industries diplomatic status/reputation). Our potential scope for alliance gameplay is currently hindered! To be a more approachable organization through a wider gaming community. This was the dream when Vigil, Farden and Sabo created Arc Security. However, as time has passed we have come to realise the impact of our early excitement and the consequences of those early mistakes. We are limiting our name, image, brand and gaming community potential to such a narrow focus if we remain as: Arc Security. Arc Industries will allow us to support the gameplay our members will want to do, that was going to take place in Star Citizen, regardless of us being a Security contractor (exploration, salvaging, mining, science, research, trading, production... the list goes on). We can now better support this through Arc Industries as well as the changes to our Support Fleet.  This would better enable friends/family to join, and feel like being part of a community, through being an Arc Industries 'member'. Instead of shoehorning them into being a ‘friend/social’ or undergo training for a fleet they're not 100% sure about committing to. This way, everyone benefits, from the casual members, to the fleet specific more dedicated/serious members, to the staff, officers, command, board - ultimately, the whole organization. Key points and game-play drives of Arc Industries:   Arc Industries Structure: Overview: How Discord will also be viewed... Board Members. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Operations Officer (COO) Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chief Technical Officer (CTO) [unsure if we’ll fill this one, for now] Chief Finance Officer (CFO) [will be created later, we don’t need it now] Staff Departments. Personnel Dept. Personnel Manager Recruitment Manager Flight Instructor Relations Dept. Diplomat Research Dept. Senior Engineers Engineers Finance Dept. [will be created later, we don’t need it now] Accounts Manager Support Fleet. Superintendent [NEW] Vice. Superintendent [NEW] Foreman [a multi-gameplay-type rank. For example: Mining Foreman - to lead and coordinate mining operations of Arc Industries Support Fleet.] Specialist - [Varied] Crewman Security Fleet. [Arc Security] Fleet Commander [has strategic overview of the Support Fleet as well] Fleet Captain [temp-decommissioning. Until future demand] Squadron Commander Flight Lieutenant  Specialist - [Varied] Pilot Cadet Recruit Marine Division Major Master Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Lance Corporal Trooper Reserve - Trooper. Members. Industrialist [NEW] Core Member [NEW] Member [NEW] Friends. Social Affiliates. Affiliate Industrialist* - If an external solo entrepreneur wishes to affiliate their selves further through economic agreements/contracts.    Arc Industries Q&A:   Thank you for reading. Any further questions please contact Vigil or post a reply here.
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