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Recruitment Guidelines

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Is Arc Security For Me?

Age / Maturity Policy:
Only polite, mature, and responsible individuals are considered for recruitment into Arc Security. Preferably, players over 18 years of age . Some exceptions are made but very rarely. Arc Security does not harbour any form of "Drama"; any drama that does arise will be dealt with.

Gameplay Hours:
'Casually Hardcore' is something we embrace here at Arc Security. Due to us being a pretty close-knit team and Divisions needing to be around 80% strength to be effective, we do require a small amount of dedication toward our cause from Recruits both inside and outside of the Verse. We will never ask you to devote your life here, however, we do ask that, when signing up, you be aware that others are depending on you to fly at their wing. At least, be active; real life always comes first and we understand that certain situations and issues may arise. We do our best to lend a helping hand but, if you are unable to attend any planned activities, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know! (Unless you've been abducted by Vanduul and can't get to a computer, of course. Exceptions can always be made under the right circumstances!)

VoIP Information:
Our primary communication system is Discord. After a successful application, we may require a further interview to be made via a short chat on our TS to see if we are for you and if you are for us. It is not a very big deal if you do not have a mic during the interview, however we require you to have a microphone for operational purposes come launch of Star Citizen. 

Failure to obtain a microphone come game launch may lead to possible removal from the Organization. Whilst this may seem harsh, we don't want to fall behind, crash, miss-fire, or just generally screw up, only because you stopped to write down something! Also, due to our fast paced operations, we require efficiency. 

Social Etiquette:
We operate on the principle of common decency and keeping citizens safe. Be friendly and courteous to all players, including those who fly alone or in any other Organization. If you see a stranger in trouble and are willing to lend your services, assist as best you can. Remember, when you log on, your actions reflect that of Arc Security. You're here because you requested to be. Tarnish the Organization in any way and your service within Arc Security will be terminated.

Piracy / Illegal Activities:
All members are strictly forbidden from engaging in acts of piracy or illegal activities that break local or UEE laws. This policy not only needs to be accepted in order to join Arc Security, but also allows us to keep our alliances with anti-piracy Organizations. Any infringements on this may put us in breach of our contractual obligations to our Allies. This also may have ramifications with regards to our own internal security.

It should go without saying that pod-killing within lawful space will put Arc Security in a bad light; asset denial and asset elimination do not consist of purging enemy pilots. The rules of lawless space may differ but the mission or contract is always our primary goal.

Timezone / Nationality:
Citizens from all nations are welcome. We intend to make sure that each Fleet and Squadron has enough pilots from your timezone so that you may better enjoy your time spent within the Verse.

Organizational Affiliations:
Arc Security is an Exclusive Organization. While members are allowed to be part of Faith and Social Based Organizations, Arc Security is a "For Profit" Organization. Members who join Arc Security will be expected to perform on behalf of Arc Security first and foremost. Arc Security may deny any applicant based on their other Affiliations.

As stated, membership in other Organizations is permitted but it should not interfere with the expectations of your membership obligations within Arc Security. Member Affiliations with other Organizations are looked at on a case-by-case basis, PM an officer if you're unsure. Arc Security does not affiliate with unlawful Organizations under any circumstances and members can be held accountable for any unlawful actions performed within or on behalf of any other Organization.

All Members will have listed affiliations set as "Visible" on their RSI Profile to ensure they are not part of any Organization that directly conflicts with the views of Arc Security. While not guaranteed, failure to do say may result in rejection to/termination from the Organization.

Recruit/Initiate Requirements:

  • An existing RSI Account.
  • A Star Citizen game package.
  • Looking to invest time into Star Citizen from time of application.

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