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  1. Vigil

    PU - Operations


    An amazing night. We set about assembling a Salvaging mission for our Support Fleet. To aid in general clean up of the system, through NPC notifications. 1x Drake Interstellar Caterpillar. 3 Salvage Crew 4x Sabres. [Security Fleet] We arrived at Yela's asteroid belt, the Support Fleet set a course for the inner side of the belt with a single security escort, while the remainder of the Security Fleet covered their approach and took out some suicide 'bumpers'. Once we had our course planned, boundary patrols were set to ensure we were not being followed, along with spotters for wrecks; we had our mission underway. Thank you to everyone who turned up, here's to a longer mission run next weekend.
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  2. Vigil

    PU - Operations

    Our first PU operation of 2017. We'll be exploring the content and running through missions. A full breakdown of the evenings objective will be listed below: Assemble together then take off from Port Olisar. Screenshot of the members, on foot and in flight. Run Security for our Support Fleet as they scan Yela's asteroid belt for salvage locations. This will mark the beginning of our more serious approach to gaming inside Star Citizen, as such comms restrictions will be in place and everyone will be expect to represent themselves accordingly!
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  3. Vigil

    What is Star Citizen?

    Our members have most likely been asked this a lot over the holiday season, we're glad CIG finally put out a more up to date video, showcasing the game as a whole and it's current state. If you're new to Star Citizen, Arc Security is an organization, one of thousands that aim to go on to great things within the Persistent Universe. Be it for business, setting up their own sovereignty or waging wars against one another. Arc Security started on the 20th May 2013, we were there at the beginning and we aim to see this through, join us, we're very well established and looking to grow and improve.
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  4. Zimm_Macugz

    Urgent Transmission - Arc Security

    >>> Urgent Transmission From Shawn Price <<< Must have at least 10 members for this mission by the 6th January. Arc Security - 4x Fighters and 1x Transport ship OPFOR - 5x Pirates Shawn Price Mission.mp3
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