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    Arc Security started on the 20th May 2013, we were there at the beginning and we aim to see this through, join us, we're very well established, looking to grow and improve. Our members have most likely been asked this a lot over the holiday season, we're glad CIG finally put out a more up to date video, showcasing the game as a whole and it's current state. If you're new to Star Citizen, Arc Security is an organization, one of thousands that aim to go on to great things within the Persistent Universe. Be it for business, setting up their own sovereignty or waging wars against one another.
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    The following applies to our three key areas of interest when it comes to communication, conduct to uphold and member involvement. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the form of warnings, bans and/or the termination of your membership with Arc Security. Forums RSI Website Discord Forums 1. Flames/trolling/hostility/etc: Do not insult (or instigate the insulting of) other Members/Officers/Command/other forum users. We don't mind active discussion, but there are lines that you do not cross. We entrust you to think twice and be mature. 2. Moderation decisions: Do not discuss moderation decisions openly on the Forums. Any thread or post created for this purpose will be removed without notice. If you wish to discuss an action, or feel that the action taken was inappropriate/severe, please send a PM to one of the Personnel Staff or Fleet Command. The actions of the Moderation team are not final, but do remember that they are there to help keep the peace and do this service without payment. 3. Advertisement of selling/buying/trading of packages: These actions are off limits in all forums except the marketplace. Any posts for these purposes not in the specific section will be closed/deleted. 4. Spam: Do not post spam (pointless messages) to increase your post count. This includes copy/pasting your response to a similar question in another thread. If you feel that the information you are conveying is appropriate to the discussion, please quote yourself (You can copy/paste that) and include a link to the other thread in the post. This ensures healthy discussions within multiple threads, and may facilitate users noticing/reading an interesting thread they have not yet read. Likewise, content dumps from other sources of information should be included in a spoiler, with a link to the content in the OP as to reduce both scrolling, but to ensure the original source gets exposure. 5. Off topic: Do not stray from the topic stated within the body of the thread's creator. Any content within a post that deviates too far from the topic may be removed, and violating posts could become hidden. 6. Double Posting: Do not reply to a thread where your post is already the last post. If you have extra info to add to a discussion please edit your last post rather than reply to yourself. This cuts down on forum clutter and makes discussions easier to follow for everyone. I know it happens sometimes, but try to keep to a minimum. For the most part now, you should not have to worry too much as a forum plugin automatically merges your posts if you double post. 7. NSFW Titles: Do not include NSFW content in your thread title. Seeing as not all of us are able to guarantee that our kids or colleagues aren't looking over our shoulders, please refrain from including NSFW content within a topic title (Offensive language etc.). 8. Bumping: Do not repeatedly bump the same thread. Allow threads and topics conversation to run their natural course. If a thread is no longer active, you may want to create a new thread on that topic instead. Likewise, if someone posts a new thread and there is an existing one, be friendly in informing them of its existence with appropriate links to the relevant discussion(s). 9. Creating Multiple Threads on the Same Topic: Do not create multiple forum threads on the same topic. If there is already and active thread on the relevant topic then use it to respond. Each forum is designed to cater to very specific discussions. Please only post a thread in the forum it is most relevant to and avoid spamming the forums with multiple instances of the same thread. Utilise the sites search function to research into whether a discussion is already taking place. 10. Doxxing: Do not publish personal information of another member (against their will) or link to topics where such content can be found. Any violation of this rule can and will most likely result in an immediate ban and termination of your membership with Arc Security. 11. Advertisement/posting of RSI Referral Codes: This is not allowed in any form or in any area. Signatures or posts found with the code embedded will be warned once and then removed. 12. Formatting: For the sake of maintaining the clarity of our forums, when posting content that is copied from another outlet or source, we ask, that it be formatted in a presentable and professional manner. This means when you create a post, you must remove the old formatting from the previous source it has been copied from and re-present it when pasted here. Additionally, when creating a post, we ask that it have more content than just a link. For example, you could provide your thoughts on the linked information or a brief summary of whats found in the link. 13. Political and Religious discussions : Due to the International member base of Arc Security, we do not accept political and religious discussion/debates in any of our communication channels. We strive to be a neutral community, too much hate and offence stems from talking about such topics. Dark Zone - A new text channel, which is a join by request (Requests sent to Fleet Captain+). Post your off topic, offensive content here. 3 Strike Rule: 1st Strike = Told to discontinue your conversation - any links or posts removed from the channel. 2nd Strike = PM Warning leading to channel ban for 3-24 hours - any links or posts removed from the channel. 3rd Strike = Permanent Ban from the text channel(s) involved. Talk about science and space instead, those are topics of debate we encourage. Do note: An off_topic text channel will be launched publicly to all members in discord upon the release of Star Citizen BETA PU. This is where all day to day links, discussions not about Star Citizen will go. member_chat will then turn into a comms channel for the purpose of Star Citizen discussion, not news, primarily for in-game to out of game communications about the verse and the organization. RSI Website See our general conduct points on our RSI webpage. 1. Uphold good standing in your threads, posts and community replies. 2. Do not engage in threads that're clearly there to instigate 'hostility', 'hate' or 'trolling'. Social Media By general rules, your social media account is your own, with your own views. Do not tag or mention Arc Security in your social media posts without authorisation from Fleet Command, this includes stating 'my organization' - 'the organization I'm in'. Also speaking on behalf of Arc Security without prior authorisation will result in disciplinary actions. Discord Server Address: discord.arcsecurity.org Our rank structure can be clearly seen in the right most column, do pm the relevant Staff or Fleet Officer who'll be able to help with your requests. General Discord Rules 1. Respect all members and non-members at all times in all forms of communication (Including sex, religion/creeds, sexuality, age & race) 2. During Discord unrest, Officers and Commands words are final. 3. Ensure clear comms at all times, microphone broken? Fix it, voice issues? Resolve them with a member. 4. Your Discord username should be identical to either your RSI Handle or Community Moniker (Do note: If your Discord name has the potential to create confusion in comms, officers will assign you an alternate server side nickname, relevant to your RSI Handle). 5. Do not spam chat or voice communications. 6. If you are offended, bring it to attention in a civil manner. If they persist bring it to the attention of our Personnel Manager or Fleet Officers who're online / your Squadron Officers. (Do not start an argument) Members must not take COC/rules violation matters into their own hands. 7. “Banter” exists between members and is to be expected, sometimes this includes friendly jibes and jokes, however when the recipient says to stop then it must stop. Beyond this point Banter becomes bullying and bullying will not be tolerated in any form. 8. Arc Security Discord is a public Discord server, your voice may be recorded for any reason at anytime. By using the Arc Security Discord you agree to your voice being recorded for organizational video, media material and/or for later referencing. Preventing Conflict If someone is causing issues to your Discord enjoyment here are some steps to take: Privately tell them their behaviour is bothering you, and ask them to stop. Temporarily Mute/ignore them. Move to another channel. If they continue to bother you, contact the Personnel Manager, document what happened (save the chat log/take screenshots), if others were involved, ask them to submit information to the Personnel Dept as well. Channel Guidelines: Discord contains a variety of channels, each with different guidelines for appropriate topics. More information on Discord here. These general rules also always apply: No mic spamming. No excessive private messaging or poking of staff, officers or Command. They will get back to you when time permits. If someone else is speaking do not interrupt them. Ask to speak in a text chat. If someone asks to speak, stop and let them respond and contribute to a discussion too. Keep chat and links appropriate to the channel you are in. Stick to the appropriately assigned channels for your current game or activity. i.e. When playing Star Citizen do not form up in the other games channels. Treat all guests with a welcoming and respectful attitude. DO NOT HARASS ANYONE, IF SOMEONE IS HAVING A BAD DAY, OR BEING A JERK, LEAVE THEM ALONE. If you do not follow Discord rules the following actions may be taken: Muting, stern looks, write ups, counselling, public humiliation, bad poetry, even worse karaoke, temp-ban, fines, public execution by your peers, banishment. Arc Security Brand & Assets Offsite use of any Arc Security logos, images, or any other design assets must first be cleared with @Vigil directly. More on our Brand with guidelines coming soon. For now all organization related graphic and branding is to be authorised by @Vigil In-Game: As you represent the organization we have some standard guidelines for members to follow regarding in-game chat and conduct; we're currently building this set of conduct. It may or may not be represented in a separate thread.

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