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    I'd like to apply to a role as Senior Engineer aswell. Since i'm personally interested in this field, i think i can help the R&D Team with my (more or less limited) irl knowledge of procedures and systemswhich could be involved in the SC universe. I also have some experience in writing instruction manuals for complex systems, such as pumps or valve systems, which could help in writing instruction manuals for ships or more technical lore surrounding the ships and stations. Depending on how the R&D aspect will be handled in-game, i would like to tinker with ship subsystems and loadouts in order to optimize them for the next mission. Maintaining bigger ships would be something i would definitely like to try aswell but my preferred role would be as R&D and as part of a reserve force since i'm not sure how much time my degree and private life will consume once the big ships are actually usable. Which is probably the reason I'm still not a cadet, but i'm definitely gonna try to progress this month! I'm gonna send my official application to @Vigil once i have progressed to the Cadet rank.
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