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  1. Personally, I like the smaller faster ships, but flying alongside some of these behemoths makes me quite excited.
  2. I love how the other planets in the sky are also dynamically updating to the new sun position. That's really cool tech. I'm also glad to hear the clouds are being worked on, because they need it.
  3. Awesome. I do like this video; it is what I expected after CitizenCon, but it is still a nice apology.
  4. Discouraging pursuit.
  5. It all depends on when I get off work today. I'm going to try and get off as early as 2 hours prior to the show, but I might not get off until 1 hour after it starts. But I will make it after that.
  6. bugs

  7. until

    I'll see what I can do, I'm scheduled for another double shift that day.
  8. atv

    The crashed ships are really cool, it's definitely going to be interesting seeing what they do with the tech

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