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  • We're looking for mature and committed citizens to join our growing team of "casually hardcore" players whose aim is to provide unparalleled protection of assets and individuals within the Star Citizen universe. While we are primarily a security organisation, our Support Fleet also needs personnel to maintain the fleet and provide logistical support to ensure all our operations run smoothly.

    If these opportunities interest you then apply below now to join the team.
    When applying please include sufficient details of the following:
    • Why do you want to join Arc Security.
    • What gaming aspects appeal to you the most within Arc Security.
    • Your age. (We generally ask that you are 18+ however we do make exceptions.)

    Please also read the following documentation on our Ethos, Code of Conduct and Recruitment Guidelines.

    If you have any questions or would first like to meet the team then head over to discord.arcsecurity.org. This is also where 50+ active Arc Security members game together and chat, you are welcome to join anytime.

    Please give a detailed explanation in the box below of why you'd like to join Arc Security and what you can bring to the org.
  • Please link your RSI profile
  • 17-18 digit ID given to you when you joined the ArcSec Discord channel.
  • Please express your Fleet Interest by your in-game aspirations. (Currently our Support Fleet is at capacity, transfer to the Fleet is possible at a later date. For now all applicants are by default a Security Fleet member. However, help us help you by expressing your interest.).

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